The SciCommer Gift Guide

PhD Gift Guide: SciCommer Edition

Gifts for PhD students who love Science Communication

Many PhD students enjoy and participate in Science Communication. It can feel great to talk about your research in a different, non-academic setting – and it can lead to new insights that can feed back into your research as well!

Participating in Science Communication can not only lead to a higher quality of life for the student but also benefit the public by promoting knowledge and understanding about complex scientific concepts.

There are many ways to get involved in science communication. Some PhD students take on part-time roles with museums, their own universities, or other organizations. But SciCommers are usually creative and resourceful, so they may work on their own SciComm and produce their videos, podcasts, blogs, articles… all on their own! Many even have a nice social media following – or a sizeable YouTube channel!

So, you want to find a gift for a PhD student who loves SciComm? I’ll give you some ideas that I know they are going to love!

A good microphone is a great gift for a SciCommer who is sharing their science through a podcast – or who wants to start! It’s also a great asset for recording videos with better audio. The Blue Yeti is the exact microphone I use and love myself, and highly recommended by many podcasters.

I have an Apple Pen, which completely transformed the way I use my iPad. But I absolutely love my phone stylus just as much! This little stylus lets me write on my phone, which is amazing for creating Instagram stories (specially drawing on them!). Very recommended for a SciCommer that loves social media and uses their phone a lot.

Lighting is an essential part of filming. So a ring light is a great gift idea for someone who is good communicating their science on camera. This ring light has 3 light colors and 10 levels of brightness, making it quite versatile. It’s also got great reviews. It’s on my list for next time I’m hunting for a ring light.

We also have many designs created with SciCommers in mind. Take a look at some of our favorites right here:

Science Communicator T-shirt
SciComm Mug
SciComm on Social Media Sticker

See all of designs here – they are available in multiple products, including stickers, mugs, t-shirts, postcards & wall art for your office and much more! Check it out!

BTW, the Amazon links in this page are affiliate links. This means that if you buy something through them, I’ll get a small commission – and it won’t cost you any thing else!

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