Digital Products created by PhDoer

If you have purchased a digital product, (such as an ebook, workbook, template, course, workshop or digital planner), you may request a refund up to fourteen (14) calendar days after purchase. If you request a refund, you accept that you will not have the right to use any materials provided for you going forward. You have three calendar days from the date the refund is initiated to remove any of our materials from your computer, your website, social media or from any other personal or business uses.

Physical Products created by PhDoer

PhDoer designs products that are printed on demand by Amazon and RedBubble. This means these products are created especially for you when you order them. It also means is that Amazon and RedBubble, as the companies responsible for manufacturing and shipping, are also the ones who will deal with any requests for refunds and returns. Therefore, we shall not be held responsible for refunds and/or returns requests.

You can find information on how RedBubble‘s return and refund policies here. Amazon‘s return and refund policies change by country, so please check what applies to your situation.

Affiliate links

Please note that we also link to products that were not created by us through affiliate links. We receive a small commission if you buy through these links. We are not responsible for these products and, consequently, we are not liable for any refunds and/or return requests. Please check the seller’s terms and conditions before purchase.